Friday, February 15, 2013

I came across, at number 36 of the magazine Letras Libres, 2004, an article as a chronicle of Beatriz de Moura, founder of the publishing Tusquets, called How to make an editorial in which he speaks, from its experience of how literature can be a publisher. There has five parts in the hypothetical story of a boy who undertakes a publisher, since he conceived the idea and the decision until, some twenty years later, the company has consolidated.Among other interesting points to a catalog of basic qualities (that link from the blog about interesting issue as the original document is in pdf) that has this budding editor, then describes some arguments that this hypothetical is editor of the trade, one of which says: "[i] n so that the office of the editor in his capacity as producer, he very briefly summarized to himself is essentially, and broadly into two functions: first, to decide, after learning of the work that is offered, if it enters into their editorial and then evaluate the cost of producing the same as their budget at all times. "
Later he says, on how to fix the retail price (RRP): "[b] ut how PVP is fixed? After much asking, concludes that overall costs are obtained by multiplying by an average of 9% or 10% of it, because it must take into account not only overhead, copyrights and profit margin may allow you to continue with more books, but especially the percentage that will be the distributor for your job. So if finally fixed the PVP in, say, ten euros copy, minus the percentage of the distributor and the author, he would be between 30 and 35% of each copy of the book " .He also speaks of some mistakes to avoid when the going gets tough, and gives, in order, a series of useful tips (we assume, coming from a man come), and we recommend its entertaining reading.In the picture, Beatriz de Moura, taken from here.


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